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Grace Lutheran Communities Scholarship Recipient

Posted 7/16/2018

Grace Lutheran Communities has several scholarships opportunities for employees! This includes employees who are pursuing higher education in the healthcare field, or enrolled in workshops or training that would enhance their position. As well, it helps employees who need assistance with student loans.

This year, Chayne Bourget was one of the scholarship recipients from Grace Lutheran Communities. Chayne is an IT technician with Grace Lutheran Communities and was honored to receive this award!

“For many, paying off student debt can be a long and arduous task – in this case, I am one of the many.  Currently, my wife and I spend close to the cost of a second mortgage in attempts to pay off student debt each month.  Add that to the increasing cost of a growing family and childcare expenses, our pennies can get pinched.  The Grace Staff Scholarship Program helps with that,” said Bourget.

“When I first heard about it, I was extremely excited to be eligible for this scholarship, towards loan debt repayment.  It was easy to apply for and not only helps to relieve some of the stress paying off my student loans today, but broadens and stabilizes the future for me and my family.  Thank you for this great opportunity!”

At Grace Lutheran Communities, we value support programs for our employees, and we are so happy to honor Chayne as one of this year's recipients.

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Grace Lutheran Communities has been helping our friends and neighbors in communities all over the Chippewa Valley since 1960. The non-profit organization specializes in rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, child care, independent living, and adult day services