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Rehabilitation Say Grace!

River Pines Rehabilitation Suites

River Pines Short-term Rehabilitation Suites offers the best possible care in a residential environment. This facility offers person-centered care and a household design. Clients enjoy living in a home-like environment that focuses on independence and community. Each client has a private room and bathroom with shower, and also benefits from the common spaces shared by others in their household. Access to the outdoors and state-of-the-art technology complete the amenities to make our rehab clients feel like they are truly in their own home. Our concierge care means personal needs matter. Each rehabilitation patient will be able to control his or her own room temperature, choose meals from a menu, and have access to a nurse through a modern call system.

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Greenfield Rehab is our rehab partner. Click here to learn more

Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen

Grace Lutheran Communities Lead Administrator & Administrator - River Pines Long-Term Care & Rehab Suites

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Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care at Grace  Lutheran Communities

Our care goes above and beyond what is expected and offers services to anticipate your every need for short-term and long-term care. Prairie Pointe and River Pines' state-of-the-art community is built to provide flexibility and choices for our rehab clients.

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